How Much Protein Do You Need?

How Much Protein Do You Need?

So, you probably get it, protein is important for many reasons. But how much should we be taking?  

Lots of confusing information on this so let’s simplify it for you.  

Of course, there are some variations depending on your goals - are you focused on fat loss?  Muscle Gain?  Or a combination of both?  More details to come on that, but for an active person that is participating in strength training like yourself, a good rule of thumb is 1g of protein per lb of bodyweight.  So, if a person is 145lbs then that would be 145g of protein each day.  

The RDA (recommended dietary allowance) is less than this because RDA’s always focus on the sedentary general population.  But, for active individuals training to get stronger, we need more.  We can even consume 1.5 or even 2g/lb if we wanted to.  There are no downsides of consuming large amounts of protein for healthy individuals.  But 1g/lb/day is generally going to be a good target for the type of training we are doing.  

The challenge is actually eating that much protein!  Getting an adequate amount of protein from food alone is difficult so having a high quality protein supplement to fill in the gaps is key.  

Here’s an example of a typical day for me.  I am 175 lbs and I’m training 5 days/week.  So I’m aiming to get between 175 - 200g/day.

Sample Day of Protein for Noah:


Protein Source

Grams of Protein


4 Egg Whites + 2 Eggs


Mid Morning Smoothie

P360 Whey Protein Powder



10oz Chicken


Post Workout

P360 Whey Protein Powder



10oz Lean Beef




I’m supplementing protein 2x/day to hit my total protein goal.  Without supplementing I’d be falling short and so would my results.  

So, now, start focusing on getting high quality protein from each meal and snack.  As you can see from my example, it’s extremely difficult to overdo it here.  Almost everyone is way under the amount of protein they should be taking.  Protein is responsible for muscle repair and so much more!  One thing we never want to be short on is protein.


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With You On This Journey,

Noah Cosby

CEO | P360Nutrition

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